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Code of Professional Conduct
Read about Kitty...

Read about Kitty...

About Kitty Hailey


“Kitty is clearly a leader in our industry. She has volunteered hundreds, if not thousands, of hours to help, write, teach and share her experiences. In searching for the words that set Kitty apart, I found a common thread that ran through her trainings, her writings, her investigation practice, and her life. That thread is character. It has given her work incredible value, which has influenced this profession nationally.”

Cynthia S. Hamilton, past president Oregon Board of Investigators 
Past President, Oregon Association of Licensed Investigators

Kitty Hailey, CLI is a nationally-recognized investigative ethicist. With the publication of the profession’s first book on ethics, Code of Professional Conduct: standards and ethics for the investigative profession, now in its third edition, Kitty quickly became recognized as the nation's leading investigative ethicist. Order

Kitty is the expert witness you need when there is a question of ethics. Contact Kitty

Kitty’s unique and entertaining presentations receive glowing praise from the nation’s attorneys, educators, and crime and mystery writers. Contact Kitty

Kitty’s expertise is based on her early roles as a chief investigator, manager and educator for a large New Jersey-based agency specializing in family and personal injury cases, and on later concentrations in multi-plaintiff litigation, malpractice and criminal defense investigations and wrongful conviction re-investigations. In her current work as an investigator for the Federal Public Defender Capital Habeas Unit, her team re-investigates death penalty convictions for indigent clients.

Kitty was among the nation’s first female investigators to earn the Certified Legal Investigator (CLI) and Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE) designations.

Kitty is a frequent contributor to state, national and international investigative journals, magazines and newsletters. She has received numerous writing awards including top honors presented by the National Association of Legal Investigators, Inc. (NALI), the Texas Association of Licensed Investigators (TALI) and the Indiana Society of Professional Investigators (INspi). She is a contributing author to three of the profession’s most respected investigative textbooks published by Lawyers and Judges Publishing Company: Advanced Forensic Civil Investigations, Advanced Forensic Criminal Defense Investigations, and Corporate Investigations.

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