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Code of Professional Conduct:
standards and ethics for the investigative profession

By: Kitty Hailey
Lawyers & Judges Publishing Company, Inc.
2015 Third Edition

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 In 2002, Kitty Hailey compiled, compared and contrasted the various doctrines of the codes of ethics of the majority of professional associations. She categorized and restated them with emphasis on clarity and simplicity of language. The book born of this endeavor, Code of Professional Conduct, quickly became the standard resource for the nation's investigators and educators.  

"The Code" as it has become known, is being used in college classrooms and investigative association training seminars, and is in daily use by many of the nation's leading professional investigators.

Changing times and changing technology burden the investigator with a new set of problems to be addressed from the perspective of ethics. Kitty has addressed these and other issues in the Third Edition to revise and improve the content. The Third Edition of "The Code" is now available.

"The Code" will help you meet the demanding expectations of your profession. Being diligent, honest and professional in every assignment will be much easier if you have "The Code" readily available in your library.   Order now!


"For all of you who have not yet obtained a copy of Kitty’s excellent treatise on ethics , I highly recommend it. I have used it several times for guidance on difficult issues and have benefited greatly from the author’s integrity and experience."
Mark Murnan, CCDI, CFE post to NALINEWS

"What an excellent resource book on codes of professional conduct. This book is well designed, easy to read, easy to understand, practical and organized in a logical manner. I would place this book on the #1 MUST HAVE list for all incoming and longstanding Private Investigative Professionals. You are highly recognized and your ethics are above question. As the outgoing chairman of the Louisiana State Board of Private Investigator Examiners, I especially appreciated the reference at the end of the book on licensing information and information concerning professional associations. This book is a "one stop" source of information for professionals. I will ask that it be placed on the recommended reading list in Louisiana and welcome all other licensing states to consider the same."
Charlene Mora, Vice Chairman, Education and Training Chair,
Louisiana State Board of Investigator Examiners.
"...without a doubt, the most important book ever written for our profession. There should never again be a question in the legal profession about the commitment of professional investigators to ethical and responsible behavior..."
October 2002
"I have read her book and it is highly recommended that it be adopted by the Georgia Board as a standard for Georgia professionals. She was applauded for her presentation at the New Orleans Super Conference and for bringing into one guide codes of ethical standards for the 
investigative profession."
Joseph Memolo, CPI, President, IPAG (Investigative Professional Association of Georgia).
"Kitty Hailey, CLI®, is one of the most well known and respected investigators in America...Thirty plus years of experience serve as a foundation for her credentials to address the issue of professional conduct for the investigative profession. This book is the result of two years of research of the ethical standards of investigative associations across this great country. By analyzing each association's ethics standards Kitty has developed a comprehensive Code of  Professional Conduct destined to become our profession's guiding light for years to come..."
Tom Baird
PI Magazine
Nov/Dec 2002
"First let me say what a daunting task you embarked upon. The results are marvelous. I know it must have been a labor of love---no other reason could possibly have provoked such a task. I found it to be well researched and particularly readable."
Bertram S Falbaum, AZ

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