About Kitty Hailey

The Professional Investigator:
A compilation of articles, essays and forms

By: Kitty Hailey
Writers Club Press

Kitty Hailey, CLI®, one of the profession's most respected investigators, puts the world of the private investigator into practical perspective. 

Combining short and interesting "how-to" stories with articles she has written for national journals, The Professional Investigator teaches both the experienced and the neophyte investigator how to approach a variety of investigative tasks. To become successful, even the most skilled private investigator needs to understand the business of investigating, and this book provides that information.

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Written in Kitty's unique style, The Professional Investigator covers such essential areas as: 

  • Billing
  • Marketing
  • Report writing
  • Conducting difficult interviews 
  • Locating missing persons
  • Conducting class action investigations
  • Domestic and personal injury investigations and much, much more.

There are indispensable forms at the back of the book, ready to be incorporated into your procedures.

The real world of the private detective is much more than popular fiction implies. It's about hard work, creative thinking, long hours and endless details. The Professional Investigator could easily become the investigator's handiest reference book. Order it now

"... a compilation of (Kitty's) articles, essays and forms. You've read some of her articles and essays in Cluesonline™, and many of you have been fortunate enough over the years to have access to the forms she's developed for use in an investigator's office. You won't have to be convinced that this is an important book! Put it on your "want list" for your personal or office library, as well as on your holiday gift list for your colleagues and employees."
October 2002

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