Kitty Hailey, CLI
, is an experienced investigator with a respect for the profession. She has worked all facets of the field. Her private investigative career concentrated on legal investigation in support of litigation in both civil and criminal cases.

Proven Success

Writer & Contributor

Ms. Hailey is a frequent writer and contributor to the journals and magazines of state and national investigative associations. She is the author of The Code, as well as an instructional volume entitled, The Professional Investigator and one entitled Conversation with an Investigator.  Additionally, she has contributed to the following textbooks: Advanced Forensic Civil Investigations, Advanced Forensic Criminal Defense Investigations, and Corporate Investigations–Volumes I and II. Ms. Hailey was the 2004 Investigator of the Year of the New Jersey Licensed Private Investigators Association. She is also the recipient of the 2001 Julius “Buddy” Bombet Lifetime Achievement Award. She holds seven industry-related editor/publisher awards for her instructional writing achievements.

Proven Success


20 men off of DEATH ROW

Kitty has been responsible as part of a team that has walked more than 20 men off of DEATH ROW either to freedom or to rejoin general populations as a result of wrongful incarcerations.

40 civil rights

She has performed more than 40 Civil Rights investigations helping to stop the cycle of violence against black and brown men by overzealous police actions.

Federal Defender Capital Habeas Unit

She was a member of the elite Federal Defender Capital Habeas Unit in Philadelphia for 8 years working in Pennsylvania, Arkansas, Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Virginia, West Virginia and Texas to find evidence against individuals wrongfully convicted and facing death in those states.

her Writings are changing the future

Her writings on ethics have changed the future for all investigators worldwide as they codify and instruct on appropriate and acceptable methods of conduct. Now used as the basis for advanced certification by numerous states, national and international associations, Code of Professional Conduct: Standards and Ethics for the Investigative Profession is THE seminal work on the topic.

educating investigators wordwide

Kitty’s writings for professional journals have not only garnered her numerous Editor/Publisher awards but have served as the basis for education for Investigators Worldwide. She has authored more than 40 articles for PI MAGAZINE, THE LEGAL INVESTIGATOR MAGAZINE and dozens of State Association Journals.