The Bobby Bones Show – Episode 5 June 1, 2021 “Not your everyday P.I.”

“If Kitty Hailey didn't exist, some enterprising author would have conjured her up.”
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“Kitty Hailey, CLI is one of the most well-known and respected investigators in America…Thirty plus years of experience serve as a foundation for her credentials to address the issue of professional conduct for the investigative profession…”

Tom Baird in PI Magazine

FORBES magazine award

Private Investigator Kitty Hailey makes Forbes’ 50 over 50 women impact list

About Kitty Hailey, CLI

Kitty is an experienced investigator with a respect for the profession. Her private investigative career concentrated on legal investigation in support of litigation in both civil and criminal cases. She holds seven industry-related editor/publisher awards for her instructional writing achievements.


Not too long ago there were a truly limited number of books for investigators or those wishing to join the field. It became a responsibility of Kitty’s generation to plan for the future and ensure the professionalism of all investigators by filling that void. 

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Over the last ten years Kitty has been the guest on numerous podcasts where she has shared her knowledge of ETHICS, discussed WRONGFUL CONVICTIONS and explained why law enforcement and investigators can and should work together to enforce CIVIL RIGHTS for all persons.


“Kitty is clearly a leader in our industry. She has volunteered hundreds, if not thousands, of hours to help, write, teach and share her experiences. In searching for the words that set Kitty apart, I found a common thread that ran through her trainings, her writings, her investigation practice, and her life. That thread is character. It has given her work incredible value, which has influenced this profession nationally.”

Cynthia S. Hamilton, past president Oregon Board of Investigators

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